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From basic Python knowledge to complete understanding and implementation of Machine Learning algorithms.

April 5th to April 24th


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Learn from experts only the theory you need in an interactive way and get all the skills to begin your Data Science journey. Join a community of tech creators, career changers, and entrepreneurs who are pushing Artificial Intelligence globally! Our AI Bootcamp gives you the skills you need to kick-start your journey in Machine learning in only 3-weeks.   



The next live virtual Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp starts on April 5th, 2021 and will end on April 24th, 2021!

Live sessions will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Bootcamp Curriculum

Our Bootcamp is designed to teach you the foundations of five main AI areas: 

- Machine Learning 

- Deep Learning

- Computer Vision 

- Natural Language Processing

- Time Series Analysis

You will only learn the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on-the-go with interactive hands-on coding sessions. You will end your AI Bootcamp experience by putting your knowledge to the test through a comprehensive project.


By the end of the AI Bootcamp, you will be able to:

1. Explain the foundations of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Time-series.

2. Build full AI and data-driven solutions to real-world problems using powerful Python libraries.

3. Discover advanced concepts in the field through autonomous research.

4. Able to select the correct tools for solving a given problem.

5. Develop the qualities needed to pursue future Data Science projects in your corresponding workplaces and areas of expertise.


1. Understanding all steps of the lifecycle of a data science project.

2. Becoming familiar with industry-grade knowledge in fundamental concepts and tools of Machine Learning and Deep Learning that are used in practice today.

3. Correctly framing problems within your domain of expertise into a data science problem.

4. Utilizing effective AI and data-driven tools to solve a real-world problem.

Tools Covered

How will you master this in just three weeks?

Well, we have carefully designed courses that will teach you the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on-the-go. You will work alongside your instructor on interactive, hands-on coding sessions. You will also participate in a comprehensive project to end your learning journey.


Price includes


 - Instructor-led active sessions.
 - Networking in a professional environment.
 - Mentorship with industry Experts.
 - Community access.
 - Build full AI and data-driven solutions.




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