Machine Learning  Certification

16-week intensive course  

Starting July 2022   

30 seats only - Selection-based process
Online - Flexible schedule
Applications close in


Machine Learning Certification (MLC) is a 16-week intensive training program designed to equip participants from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with the necessary knowledge, tools, and know-how for market-ready skills. 

The program was carefully designed by our team with industry and academic expertise to ensure participants learn the foundational knowledge they need while engaging in real-world projects and challenges that help them attain the skills needed for today’s industry job roles.  

  How does the MAchine Learning Certification prepare you for the job market?  

Learn by doing and get access to:

Recorded sessions including lectures and coding labs  
Live instructor-led online workshops  

Learn from others: invited online talks & discussions  

Weekly office hours & round-the-clock advising   

Group capstone project with guided mentorship

Career development workshops & mentorship

Tools covered

  Become Industry ready and land your future job!  


Learn about latest tools, frameworks, libraries and how to apply them to real-world projects. 

launch a startup

Leverage your capstone project and our guided mentorship with industry practitioners to launch a startup and get connected with accelerator programs for potential seed funding.

 introduce AI to your workplace

Advance in your current career role. Take charge and introduce AI to your workplace, lead new innovations, and push your role to the next level.  

Prepare your PORTFOLIO

Get support with technical mock interviews, resume design, and building your digital profile. 


Get a chance to meet regional recruiters seeking Machine Learning roles and engage with them to secure your interview.    

Gain exposure

Engage in freelance projects to grow your development skills in the field. 





Interested in hiring our graduates?

Is the Machine Learning certification for you?

                                You are:

A fresh graduate who wants to build a career in Machine learning. 

An enthusiast looking to transition into the Machine Learning field early on in your career, and you are wondering where to begin.

A working professional who wants to dive deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence with the right tools and projects.  

An entrepreneur looking to launch a new tech venture that builds on AI solutions.  

  If you check ANY of the boxes above, then you are in the right place!  


PROGRAM Roadmap for a successful ML CarEer

Sprint 0 - one week

Orientation & Prepwork 

During orientation week, you will get onboarded to the program. This week will focus on providing you with review material on preparatory material you need to be comfortable with before you begin your journey in MLC. 


Sprint 1 - one week

Data Science Foundations

You will discover the Data Science lifecycle and explore its different aspects in detail. You will also learn the basics of databases, different data types you will encounter in your study, and different treatment methods for data.

Sprint 2  - two weeks

  Machine Learning Foundations

  You will focus on understanding what a machine learning algorithm is composed of, get introduced to the most popular algorithms and explore their mathematical formulations, and be able to select the best model to build and train on different real-world problems.

Sprint 3 - one week

Statistical Model Validation & Testing  

You will discover common mistakes and mishaps in evaluation of machine learning methods. You will learn different evaluation criteria as well as statistical methods that guarantee your model comparisons are accurate and statistically supported.  

Sprint 4 - one week

 Neural Networks & Deep Learning

You will learn about neural networks’ mathematical foundations and why neural networks have brought about great advancements to the field of Machine Learning. You will get introduced to deep learning libraries in Python and discover techniques for improving deep learning models’ performance.

Sprint 5 - two weeks

Deep Learning in Advanced Data Types

You will learn about new deep learning architectures suitable for different data types. You will understand what makes these data types unique and why there is a need to make use of advanced deep learning designs. You will explore foundations of the Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Time-series signals fields.   

Sprint 6 - two weeks


Machine Learning in PRODUCTION

Now that your foundation is solid, you will explore machine learning in practice: what are the challenges commonly faced when these models are deployed in real-world and how to overcome them, what are some best practices to abide by, and what are tools that can help you scale to real-world implementations. 

Sprint 7 - one week


  You will develop the skills needed to conduct successful research in machine learning, from identifying top references to stay up to date with the latest advancements to contributing back to the research community with your own advancements. You will also get introduced to various foundational and hot research topics in the field.

Sprint 8 - three weeks

  Capstone PROJECTS 

You will dedicate these three weeks to finalizing your capstone project solution with the support of guided, one-on-one mentorship from practitioners in the field. At the end, you will present your project solution to a panel who will assess your work as well as to recruiting firms working in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning.  

Sprint 9 - one week


You will present your capstone projects and engage directly within recruiting firms in the Middle East and North African region looking to hire talent in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning. As part of the Career Fair, you will also get access to exclusive career training workshops that will help you better prepare your work portfolio (resume, LinkedIn, etc.) and your interviewing skills for Data Science and Machine Learning roles.

100+ hours

self-paced learning 







30+ hours

   instructor-led sessions  


15+ hours




15+ Tools




 Enrollment Process  



Submit your program application with correct and full information  


Go through general interview and a technical assessment


Receive an official acceptance for enrollment  

Learn by doing!

Your course-work will be evaluated through the weekly hands-on challenges and the final capstone project that you will be working on throughout of the program.

Some of the projects are:

  Insurance Medical Cost Prediction  

  Market Basket


Movie Review 

Sentiment Analysis

Household Power 


This program has been designed alongside industry and academia experts with the full-stack skills you need to become the perfect fit for today’s Machine Learning market. 


Payment options available*


JULY 25 4, 2022 | 16 weeks



✔️ Master fundamental concepts and the language of Machine Learning

✔️ Learn how to best represent yourself to recruiters in the Machine Learning space

✔️ Design advanced Machine Learning solutions

✔️ Work in a team to solve a real-world, research-oriented challenge

✔️ Become proficient with the foundational libraries for Data Science and Machine Learning in Python

✔️ Discover state of the art models and technique under investigation in today’s Machine Learning research community

✔️ Gain the skills to become a sufficient self-learner and investigator in the field of Machine Learning

✔️ Learn the best practices for Machine Learning in development and in research settings

✔️ Be guided by AI instructors and engineers to learn from real-life practitioners

✔️ Gain the soft skills to become a full-stack fit in a diverse Data Science team in the job market  

YES! I'm interested

  Industry experts and mentors  

  Co-founder & CEO  

Co-founder & Education 



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"I am really grateful for all the knowledge that I have acquired during these 12 weeks and for choosing this MLC over others. The whole experience was great and fruitful in terms of lectures, labs, weekly coding challenges, and finally the project." 

 Roy El Tenn   


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